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I Claudius

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I Claudius
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The Quote:

My readers must not therefore be surprised by my practised style: it is indeed Claudius himself who is writing this book, and no mere secretary of his, and not one of those official annalists either, to whom public men are in the habit of communicating their recollections, in the hope that elegant writing will eke out meagreness of subject-matter and flattery soften vices. In the present work, I swear by all the Gods, I am my own mere secretary, and my own official annalist: I am writing with my own hand, and what favour can I hope to win from myself by flattery?

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The Spintax:

{My|My personal|My own|Our|The} readers {must not|mustn't|should never|should not|cannot} therefore {be|end up being|become|always be|possibly be} surprised {by|through|simply by|by simply|by means of} my practised {style|design|type|fashion|model}: it {is indeed|is definitely|should indeed be} Claudius himself {who is|who's|that is|that's|who's going to be} writing {this|this particular|this kind of|this specific|that} book, and {no|absolutely no|simply no|zero|not any} mere {secretary|assistant|admin} of his, and not {one of those|some of those|one particular|among those|a type of} official annalists {either|possibly|both|sometimes|often}, to {whom|who|which|to whom|with whom} public men {are in|have been in|come in|will be in|are usually in} the {habit|routine|practice|behavior|pattern} of {communicating|interacting|speaking|conversing|talking} their {recollections|memories|remembrances}, in {the|the actual|the particular|your|this} hope {that|which|in which|that will|of which} elegant {writing|composing|creating|producing|publishing} will eke {out|away|out there|out and about|available} meagreness {of|associated with|regarding|involving|connected with} subject-matter {and|as well as|and also|along with|in addition to} flattery {soften|make softer|ease|alleviate|become softer} vices. In {the present|the current|today's|this current|the existing} work, I {swear|vow|declare|claim|maintain} by {all the|all of the|every one of the|the many|each of the} Gods, I am {my own|my very own|my own, personal|my|my personal} mere {secretary|assistant|admin}, and {my own|my very own|my own, personal|my|my personal} official annalist: I {am|'m|feel|are|was} writing with {my own|my very own|my own, personal|my|my personal} hand, and {what|exactly what|just what|precisely what|what exactly} favour {can|may|can easily|could|can certainly} I {hope to|aspire to|desire to|wish to|anticipate to} win {from|through|coming from|via|by} myself {by|through|simply by|by simply|by means of} flattery?

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Inspired by this spin? Check out the original spun title of "I Claudius" by Robert Graves, if its good enough to be spun, you might find it interesting, we are sure you'll be back for the full spun experience.




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