First Spin – The Sun also Rise

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First Spin – The Sun also Rise
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We are proud to announce our first spun title – “The Shine Also Climb” by Monty Macbean, a fresh take on Ernest Hemingway old novel “The Sun Also Rise”.

It was really exciting to spin the dust of this book and bring it back to live, aside to the great new characters set and story, which you can read about here, this was a great learning process, spinning a full book is not an easy task, we met many challenges along the way, and had to develop specific tools to solve the. While working on this spin, we were also focusing on the up coming limited edition of “Snatch 22″ by Dustin Rattanasinh, the spun version of Catch 22, and many of the spinning lessons learned there were applied on Monty Macbean work.

This is the first in many, so stay tuned!!!

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