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Conflict Guild

An underground classic, Conflict Guild takes more of a civilized approach than Fight Club (Chuck Palahniuk’s Novel), Bringing up to live rage and anti consumerism into a darkly spun reality.

As you prob’ already know from the first rule of Conflict Guild, it is your own choice to trust the text on this page, since its going to violate the first rule, and many of the others. since conflict guild, unlike fight club is more about creating conflicts rather than fights, taking much more of an abstract approach to many of the social issues which fight club deals with, but on a more philosophical level, allowing the aggregation and rage to live in between the conflicts.

You can find 8 fundamental rules in Conflict Guild.

1. You don’t mention Conflict Guild.
2. You don’t discuss Conflict Guild
3. When anyone says halt, or runs limp, the fight is finished.
4. Only a couple guys to the fight.
5. One fight at the same time.
6. They battle without tshirts or shoes or boots.
7. The fights carry on given that they should.
8. If that is your very first night on Conflict Guild, you must fight.

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Chuck Palahniuk-Fight Club-Conflict Guild
Conflict Guild
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Not in the mood for spinning, check out the original text of "Fight Club" by Chuck Palahniuk, if its good enough to be spun, you might find it interesting, we are sure you'll be back for the full spun version experience.




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