Avoid Spam Guide

Researchers have demonstrated that people who participate in online spinning program enjoy higher levels of success and are able to stay more motivated. The main reason for that is the direct access to new studies, unconventional  methods, exclusive tips and ideas that only a real community can provide you.

To achieve your goals and stay tuned to top spinning event, you want to make sure you have direct access to this information. Though you have asked for it, your mailing provided might be false filtering this important information in our emails to you as ‘bulk’, ‘spam’ or ‘junk’.

Here are simple and easy steps (30 sec or less) to make sure you keep receiving the {Spin|Spam} a book emails and have access to improve your fitness… click on your mailing provider icon below for easy instructions:



Yahoo is notorious for false filtering messages, in fact the default setting on your yahoo account is to filter all newsletters and even some of your personal mail. There are two simple steps to make sure you keep getting the emails you asked for.

1. Go to your ‘Bulk’ or ‘Spam’ folder and locate a message from ‘{Spin|Spam} a book ’, select it and click the ‘Not Spam’ button.


2. Now open the same message in your mail box and click on the plus icon next to the ‘{Spin|Spam} a book ’ email address (info@spinabook.com), to add it to your contact list.

Windows Live Hotmail

Though most of our Hotmail subscribers report that they receive mail in their inbox, occasionally an email might be false filter and appear in your ‘Junk’ folder. simple check the email and click the ‘Not Junk’ button as you see in the image bellow. it is also a good practice to open the message and select the ‘Mark as safe’ option.

AOL mail

Add our email address info@spinabook.com to your contact list, if for any reason you see one of our messages in your ‘Spam’ folder, check it and click the ‘Not Spam’ button.


Most of our Gmail subscriber enjoy our messages and get them delivered strait to their mail box. To be safe though make sure that you add our address to your contact list (info@spinabook.com), and if you see any of our messages in your ‘Spam’ folder, select it and click the ‘Not Spam’ button.