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{Spin|Spam} a book is a new type of publication, one that is all based on {Spun|Spammed} text and resourced, Our vision is to reinvent culture and give our readers new experiences every time. an attempt to re-live {Literature |Art|Culture|Lifestyle|Tradition} and provide new meaningful experiences through text spinning. Using the tools which has been established by spammers throughout the world to spread spam to recreate and generate culture.

Abstract (337 Words)

The {Spin|Spam} a Book project is an attempt to re-live {Literature|Art|Culture|Lifestyle|Tradition} and provide new meaningful experiences through text spinning by using the tools established by spammers all over the world to spread spam to recreate and generate culture. Spinning is a method to build multiple variation of text through the use of a thesaurus by selecting random synonyms to replace the original words or phrases; transforming the original text into a unique spun version.

The first step in the spinning process is to create a spintax version of the text. Spintax is a text string formatted in a way that include all the relevant synonyms to a word inside of it, once the spintax is composed we use an algorithm to create unique variation out of it.

The {Spin|Spam} a Book project will virally spread the heritage of spin culture and literature through traditional and nontraditional platforms. While our main focus of distribution is the online publication spinabook.com, we will like to extend the project reach to real life events (spun poetry reading), reproduction of popular plays, publication of hard covers and educational component (integration into school system curriculum).

We find that exposure to text spinning has a very positive effect on our brains. People who interface spun text had shown increased creativity, cultural awareness and tolerance. An attempt to explain this may be that, we are so used to using the same words in our own thoughts, that when the spinner confront us with random alternative, our immediate reaction is to doubt it, but our subconscious recognize the value in it. Once our brain gets more familiar with spinning, it is automatically looking for random alternatives, almost like shaking the dust of the words we got used to thinking with. This obviously is being seeded in our brains and has an effect both on our internal process as well as the way we respond to external stimulations.

Project URL: Spinabook.com
Project Location: Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A.

What is Spinning?

Spinning is a way to generate multiply variation of text through the use of synonyms. Lets look at the following text for example:

Riches is nothing in the face of the Lord, for He can see into the heart.
William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying  Read More

When we create a spin version of it, we use what is called in the spinning world a Spintax - a text which will include a variety of synonyms to the original words. The spintax will be something like the following:

{Riches|Wealth|Money} {is|is actually|will be|can be|is usually} {nothing|absolutely nothing|practically nothing|nothing at all|almost nothing} {in the face of|when confronted with|facing|industry by storm} {the lord|god, the father|god|our creator}, {for|with regard to|regarding|pertaining to|intended for} He {can see|can easily see|is able to see|are able to see|could see} {into the|to the|in to the|in the|into your} {heart|center|coronary heart|cardiovascular|cardiovascular system}.

In order to compose this into a readable text, we use a simple algorithm which would randomly select one word from each of the words between the brackets in the Spintax version, so the final version of the William Faulkner,As I Lay Dying text may become: While I Lay Down Succumbing

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Why Spinning

Though there are great books out there, throughout the years many of them got dated, we got tired of reading the same text over and over. Spinning gives us the opportunity to relive these books, read them again as a whole new experience and discover a different spin on what we thought we knew so well. The spintax result may not be what you'll expect to be reading or perhaps not make as much sense, spinning may make the original text more abstract, with a unusual flow, some words may connect oddly with other spun words, this is all a part of the spinning experience.

Spinning | Spamming

Prior to reaching the world of literature, Spinning originated as a spamming tool, enabling spammers to easily duplicate content yet keep it unique in the eyes of search engines. Without realizing the gift they had given to spun literature. While this may sound dark to you at first, think about it, if a writer would re-write another book with completely new words, isn't that an original artwork? so what is really the difference when we let a script do the same, perhaps it is an opportunity to create automated culture.

Our Mission

At {Spin|Spam} a book we take pride in introducing all type of readers to spun literature, we find the awareness that comes with exposure to spintax plays a huge role in the growth of vocabulary and ways of communication, situating our brains in the constant phase of looking for alternatives is how learning and evolving occurs. While spun text is a fun way to re-live and celebrate many of the old title, at the same time it is apart of our global responsibility to preserve culture, introduce it to younger generations in a new way and provide experienced readers with a fresh journey.

The Rate

All {Spin|Spam} a book title are spun in a rate of 72%-90% unique rate, this means that we make sure to spin almost every word in the book and find the proper alternative for each word or phrase. The reason we keep such a high spun standard is to provide our readers a real unique experience with every line, after all we are not trying to copy the original books. The result of a heavily spun text may not always be easily digestable, yet it is assured to have the most intriguing combination. often in a spun book you'll encounter text which will require deeper digestion and thoughts, as some words are spun individually and some as a part of combined phrase.

The Outcome

We believe that spinning may play a huge part in our evolution, creative development and perhaps our ability to co-exist. Within the few experiments we have done, we found that people who have been exposed on a regular base to spinning developed higher level of tolerance to others while becoming more receptive to different ideas. Once our brain is situated with random alternative to thoughts we already developed, it automatically continue this process and extend the normal way of thinking. in a world where modern narcissism surround us, spinning may be the initiation of a cure. perhaps the next time you'll hear someone saying "my head is spinning" you too will become more receptive as you identify the creative process you witnessed.